Harbor Learning Center 2, LLC.
Harbor Learning Center 2, LLC.
1017 King Georges Post Road
Edison, NJ 08837

Phone: (732) 661-2080
Fax: (732) 738-1681
Email us: HarborLearning2@aol.com

Visitors Welcome   Call ahead to schedule your visit to be sure that we can best assist you.
Welcome to our school website. We hope you
find it informative as a parent searching for
preschool placement for your precious little one.

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 3 Year Olds

Mission Statement
Harbor Learning Center 2, LLC.
continues to pursue excellence in our
mission to become one of the most
respected schools for high quality
childcare.  Keeping to the original
“Anchored in Education”,
we   incorporate several useful
methods to teach any individual
concept or topic. This helps the
children learn a particular concept
thoroughly and permanently. Upon
completing our curriculum program,
children feel confident and
knowledgeable about what they
learned. They are ANCHORED!
School Hours:
Monday - Friday
6:30am to 6:30pm

Our office is open
Monday - Friday
9:00am to 6:00pm
About Our Business
Harbor Learning Center 2 is a beautiful, cheerful, homelike and attractive
early childhood education facility.  The Center is designed to best enhance
your child's development.  The building consists of 4 individual classrooms
which are sub-divided into different academic learning stations, such as
handwriting, dramatic play, library, music, science, health, art and more.  
Our 20 years of Early Childhood Education is evidenced in our classroom
layout and furnishings. For example, all seating in each area is sized to be
age appropriate. The classrooms have many large visuals including posters
and seasonal decorations. Completed projects are displayed and artwork is
hung regularly which builds a child's sense of confidence and a great

Our classrooms are clean and safe.  We maintain a rigorous and robust
maintenance schedule. Your child's safety and well-being is our first priority.
The premises are secure and all areas are video monitored.

In addition, your child has their own cubby area and coat hook for a sense
of ownership.  We believe that learning through presentation by human
contact, interaction and clear, verbal communication is preferred above
electronic communication, etc. Video and electronic use are limited .

Another area of importance is relationships with our parents. We maintain
open and regular communication through email, text, "Remind" app. and
social media. We strive for effortless and swift communication at all times.
We welcome the building of long-term relationships and trust.

Our Curriculum
Teaching in small groups gives us more incite into the individual learning
capacities and needs for each child.
 Some of the teaching styles we apply
include conducting hands on activities through play and visual/audible
learning.  We developed a series of lessons which is known as "How to"
(see curriculum). This series includes 'How to share', 'How to express
yourself', 'How to put your coat on' and many other very specific everyday
tasks. Respect, self help, self-confidence and independence are woven into
the practices of each day.