Harbor Learning Center  
105 Woodbridge Avenue  
Sewaren NJ 07077  
Phone: (732) 634-0622  
Fax: (732) 634-0744  
We are located at 105 Woodbridge Avenue in Sewaren NJ.  Throughout the summer we have dedicated our days and
nights to making improvements to the center since the takeover in July.  Improvements to the building, business and
management have drastically improved and still has room for more.  We invite parents, friends to come and visit us
anytime.  We provide a great education foundation and prepare our children for 1st grade levels of development.

About the facility
We will be enrolling infants (6 weeks) to Before and After school.  To enroll please visit us or you can email us.  
Convenience is the key to your busy schedule we want to make the process as easy as possible for you.  We
encourage parents to visit us anytime.  We are located at 105 Woodbridge Avenue in Sewaren NJ.  Next to LaBuonas


Jessica Rizitis, daughter of Joseph and Annalynn Zullo of The Learning Junction, Inc. is the owner and operator of the
new Harbor Learning Center.  We will be working hand in hand to accommodate the high demand of quality daycare in
the area.  Our schools both run off the same management, curriculum and mission statement.  We know what works and
we know what parents need for their child. For 13 years we have educated over 1500 students preparing them for the
start to their academic beginning.  We continue to hold a great reputation and serve the needs of the children and
parents in early childhood.

Harbor Learning Center, LLC. will be ran by Jessica Rizitis and Directed by Lindsay Zullo.  Together they work
cooperatively and have great experience in early childhood education.  We consider Harbor Learning Center, LLC a
family owned and operated business.  Jessica Rizitis has supervised The Learning Junction, Inc. for the last 4 years.  All
the time and experience she gained has driven her to open a new facility for children in which was in high demand due
to the waiting list and turn around time of getting children enrolled yet being turned away because of space.

We are ready to accommodate all children.  If you have a child ages 6 weeks to before and after school- we encourage
you to go to visit us so we can explain our program.  We also have a full day Kindergarten program which is a very
beneficial program.
We are open for enrollment.

Staff Members

Jessica and Matthew Rizitis

Jessica Rizitis

Lindsay Zullo

Miss Sandra
Head Teacher

Miss Lidannys
Pre-k and 3 yr Assistant

Miss Jennifer C.
3 year Old Teacher

Miss Virginia
Tottler Teacher

Miss Jennifer & Miss Maria
Primary Infant Caregiver

Miss Diana
Infant Caregiver

Miss Carly
Tottler Assistant

Miss Cynthia
Before and After Care

Our Curriculum
We have designed our curriculum to bring out the best education in all types of learners. Our curriculum consists of
activities that are hands on, visual and audio.  These types of activities will stimulate the brains of all children and give
them a great well rounded curriculum.  We want the best for our children.  We all have the same goal in mind, that is to
bring out the best in every child, make learning fun, and prepare them in the very best way we can for their academic
journey to elementary school.  We feel confidant that parents will feel a sense of readiness in their children upon
graduating from our program.  

Our Classrooms
Our classrooms are arranged to best accommodate all children's development.  Our classrooms all include free play
stations consisting of dramatic play, manipulatives, writing, art, blocks, puzzles, table toys, library, fine and gross motor
skills and computer or audio stations.  We also decorate the room with your child's art to give them the confidence of
coming into their classroom every day.  With representing your child's art, the children have a sense of belonging to
their rooms.  

Our Playground
Our playground consists of climbing toys, ride on toys, crawling toys along with hula hoops, balls and jumping ropes for
some extra fun.  In the warmer days of our school year, the children can enjoy using the water table which consists of
water toys for sensory and fun. Our freshly blacktopped play surface area is ideal for the children to ride in self motion
cars and shoot little hoops.